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Het retourbeleid van FashiusLooks

If you are not satisfied with you purchase, you can return the product va the form below. Complete the return form with-in 14 days after receiving the order you wish to return. Send the product(s) back to the store within the 14 days to get your money refunded. 

Note: If you have ordered from multiple stores, you will also have to return to multiple stores. For the local customers in the Netherlands, the shipping costs will be reimbursed in full in the first 14 days. All shipment costs from outside the Netherlands are for the buyer.

All products must be returned to the store in the same condition with it’s original label and/or tickets still attached to it. If these items are not attached to the product and if the product is not in the same condition as it was sent, it can be concluded that the item has been used and the retailer will not refund the money spend on the product. Furthermore, the retailer/boutique will not be responsible for sending the item back to the buyer. The buyer will be responsible for getting the item back to his/hers possession. It is retailers’ good will to send back the item to the buyer. 

When sending back the item to the retailer/boutiqhe, the buyer is responsible for the item until it arrives at the retailer/boutique. So please keep the track&trace number, the shipping recipe and other necessary documents well for your own insurance and to find the item if it gets lost during transportation. if you have a complaint about the item or about how the item has been delivered, please fill in the form underneaht or mail us at

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